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A selection of fresh meat and chicken (kebab - awsal - shish) marinated and prepared on wooden skewers - used once - ready to grill

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Ten skewers consisting of kebabs and awsal of fresh meat and locally prepared chicken, marinated, prepared on wooden skewers - used once - ready for grilling

Detailed explanation

A plate containing ten skewers of kebabs and various slices of walisheba from fresh local sheep meat and imported chicken marinated, prepared on skewers ready for barbecue

Meat Type: Fresh local Naimi.

Chicken type: imported pure chicken breasts.

Saucer assortment:

3 skewer, fresh Naimi meat

2 fresh skewers of Naimi meat

3 skewer of kebab chicken, pure chicken breast, minced and locally prepared

2 skewers of chicken (shish tawook), minced and locally prepared

The spices are cool

We use the finest spices and seasonings

Spices are added in appropriate quantities so that they are healthy, and maintain the wonderful taste of meat while eating


A plate containing ten skewers formed

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