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Minced - Sheep

88 SAR

Fresh Naimi lamb meat less fat

local minced beef

75 SAR

The meat was carefully selected from the best beef body points

Steak - Beef

87 SAR

Fresh local veal chops

Black Angus Rib Eye

190 SAR

Rib Eye Black Angus piece

Meat sausage

(27 - 90) SAR

Fresh Naimi lamb seasoned with special spices

minced chicken

38 SAR

Minced skinless chicken breast

Chicken kofta vegetables

16 SAR
Chicken kofta is one of the finest types of local chicken
Chicken kofta marinated in a special seasoning to suit all tastes

Meat kofta vegetables

24 SAR
Fresh naimi lamb kofta with vegetables
Meat kofta of the finest types of meat seasoned carefully to suit all tastes

Naimy meat

77 SAR
Chilled Naimi Lamb